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Club Sinai Jewish Afterschool, Miami

Providing premium after school care and experiential Jewish education 2, 3, 4 or 5 days a week from 2pm-6pm to kindergarten through 5th graders.

All for as low as $9/hour!

Temple Sinai of North Dade in North Miami Beach

Club Sinai Jewish Afterschool, Miami

Club Sinai is the first choice for families seeking premium after school care and experiential Jewish education.

Jewish Learing

Why Club Sinai?


Full Service


The Club Sinai van will pick your children up (from select schools) and bring them to our campus. If your child attends a school we do not pick up from, we can help create carpools to facilitate your child's safe arrival.

If your child participates in JCC activities we may be able to take them directly there. When you register be sure to tell us your child's activity start time.


Homework Completion

Club Sinai employs trained educators to actively support your children as they complete their homework each day. No more stress at home!

Homework Help at Club Sinai Jewish Afterschool, Miami
Jewish learning at Club Sinai Jewish Afterschool, Miami

Experiential Jewish Learning


Taking full advantage of our beautiful campus and drawing inspiration from Jewish camps, Club Sinai brings Jewish learning to life every day of the week. No more Hebrew School blues!

Here to Help

Our mission at Club Sinai is to serve our students, teachers, families, temple and community by providing premium after school care and experiential Jewish education.

Serving Students

Club Sinai serves our students by providing a joyful and "cool" Jewish home away from home that nurtures each child’s social, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Serving teachers

Club Sinai serves teachers by providing a laboratory in which they can experiment with new and creative ways to inspire and teach children and families.

Serving Families

Club Sinai serves our families by offering impactful and joyful Jewish experiences for children while meeting the essential needs of parents.

Serving Temple Sinai

Club Sinai serves Temple Sinai by providing points of connection to our community and by demonstrating how families can engage with Jewish community in diverse ways.

Serving our community

Club Sinai serves our community by offering a model of what experiential, dynamic Jewish learning can be in a supplementary setting.

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