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All the nitty-gritty about Club Sinai.


We are so happy to have you as part of our Club Sinai family. We love it here and we know you will too! Club Sinai combines the safe, reliable after school program you need with the fun, enriching, nurturing experience your child wants. At Club Sinai, your child will build meaningful friendships with neighborhood Jewish kids, connect with cool role model teachers, and learn about Jewish values, culture, and holidays. 


Club Sinai is the first choice for families seeking premium after school care and experiential Jewish education.


Club Sinai is here to serve.

  • Club Sinai serves our students by providing a joyful and "cool" Jewish home away from home that nurtures each child’s social, emotional, and spiritual growth.

  • Club Sinai serves teachers by providing a laboratory in which they can experiment with new and creative ways to inspire and teach children and families.

  • Club Sinai serves our families by offering impactful and joyful Jewish experiences for children while meeting the essential needs of parents.

  • Club Sinai serves Temple Sinai by providing points of connection to our community and by demonstrating how families can engage with Jewish community in diverse ways.

  • Club Sinai serves our community by offering a model of what experiential, dynamic Jewish learning can be in a supplementary setting.


At Club Sinai, we believe that all kids should have access to Jewish education that is relevant to them. Every day, we engage students in a ridiculously cool way, flipping Jewish education on its head and fostering Jewish identity in our students, including those from unaffiliated and interfaith families. We envision a world in which all children are proud to be Jewish.

At Club Sinai, we love being Jewish, are very driven, get you, are all about our team and get better faster!


  • Program Director: Rabbi David Paskin,

  • Address: Temple Sinai of North Dade, 18801 NE 22nd. Ave, Miami, FL 33180 

  • Phone Number: 305-932-9012


Monday - Thursday, 2:00pm-6:00pm 

Friday, 2:00pm-5:00pm 


Club Sinai follows Miami-Dade’s public school calendar and is open on most days that your local public school is open (other than some Jewish holidays). You can find our calendar in the Playground app and on our website here.


Teaching and learning in Jewish after school is different from Jewish day school and religious schools/sunday schools. Unlike these other educational models, At Jewish after school: 

  • Attendance is variable: Some students attend 2 days a week, others attend 5 days a week. Some attend Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, others Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

  • Students arrive and depart at different times: Students arrival times vary based on when public schools let out, and pickup times vary based on family realities

  • Students are placed in mixed-age, mixed-level classrooms: Children attend after school programs with their siblings, and it is expected that children of different ages will interact together in this smaller, local environment. To be successful in building a diverse community, learning must take place in these multi-age, multi-level environments.


Below are the building blocks – the foundation – of our curriculum, each which address a different student need, and are grounded in the research and practice.

  • Building community

  • Student choice and Interest-based learning

  • Meeting students where they are

  • Experiential education

  • Heterogeneous classrooms

  • Diverse perspectives

  • Inclusion practice

  • Backwards design



  • Provide meaningful engagement with Jewish ritual, history, culture, and language for students from kindergarten through 5th grade.

  • Nurture students to develop a positive Jewish identity and an interest in Jewish learning and engagement.

  • Reach students at their current level of knowledge and work with them to achieve new depth and understanding.

  • Develop understanding, camaraderie, empathy, and compassion within and between our students as it relates to learning in classrooms with different types of learners at different levels and ages. 

  • Underscore the importance of Jewish diversity through inclusive programming that celebrates a wide range of observance and belief.

  • Joyous, fun, and exciting learning that puts children at the center. (think Summer camp, every day after school)



  • 1:50-2:20  K-1st Ha'sa-ah (Pickup/Dropoff) Children are transported from school in the Club Sinai van or dropped off at Club Sinai and met by our Club Sinai teachers. 

  • 2:20-2:45  K-1st Hafsaka (Free Play) Children arrive and unwind like they are walking into their own home. Some kids head outside while others play a Jewish or Hebrew game with a friend. 

  • 2:45-3:45  K-1st Enrichment/Ivrit (Hebrew) Kindergarteners and 1st graders can choose from a number of enrichment classes to extend their learning. They can also participate in our dynamic Hebrew learning. You won’t see Club Sinai teachers standing in front of a chalkboard. Our interactive and experiential lessons inspire students to learn Hebrew through sports, art, and games. 

  • 3:00-3:30  2nd-5th Ha'sa-ah (Pickup/Dropoff) Children are transported from school in the Club Sinai van or dropped off at Club Sinai and met by our Club Sinai teachers.  

  • 3:30-3:45  2nd-5th Hafsaka (Free Play) Children arrive and unwind like they are walking into their own home. Some kids head outside while others play a Jewish or Hebrew game with a friend. 

  • 3:45-4:00  K-5th Nishnushim (Snack) Students enjoy a healthy, pre-packaged, ready-to-eat snack each day. Students learn the Hebrew blessings over each of the different types of food they eat, chat with friends, and listen to Jewish stories.

  • 4:00-4:30  K-5th Shiurei Bayit (Homework/Reading) Our teachers support your children as they complete their homework in a supportive environment. Children who don’t have homework are invited to curl up with a good book.

  • 4:30-4:50  K-5th Z'man Kehillah (Community Time) Each day we come together to sing Jewish songs, appreciate friends, celebrate birthdays, learn our Hebrew Word of the Week, and go over Jewish peulot (activity) choices for the day.

  • 4:50-5:30 K-5th  Peulot (Activities) Students learn about Jewish culture, holidays, values, history, and traditions through art, cooking, sports, gardening, drama, and other fun activities.

  • 5:30-6:00 K-5th Hafsaka (Free Play) Let’s go outside!

  • 6:00pm K-5th L’hitraot (Departure): It’s time to go home! Parents pick up their children at Club Sinai. 


All Club communication happens in the Playground app. In the event of an emergency or significant event in your child’s day, our teacher will contact you both through the Playground app and by phone.  If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to your Program Director directly any time through the Playground app! They will respond to you during work hours. 


Club Sinai admits all children of any race, gender, color, sexual orientation, physical ability, national and ethnic origin with the expectation that he or she will benefit from the program.  



Club Sinai requires specific documentation to be provided for each child prior to the first day of attendance. These documents can be found in the “Paperwork” section of the Playground app and may include, but are not limited to:

  • Current and updated immunization records (required)

  • Current photograph of child and family member (please upload to your and your child’s profile)

  • Transportation agreement (required for licensing - from school)

  • Medication Authorization Form (as needed)




Families are automatically billed for Club Sinai on a monthly basis for ten months. Payment is auto-charged on the first day of each month from August 1st through May 1st. Charges apply to the upcoming month of service. 



  • Auto-withdrawals from checking or savings account (no additional transaction fee) 

  • Auto-withdrawals from credit card or debit card (3% transaction fee)


Club Sinai does not provide refunds or credit for absences, late arrivals, or early pick-up of students. This is because Club Sinai staffing and other operational costs are based on a fixed enrollment. Please discuss possible exceptions with your Program Director.  We do not allow make-up days due to transportation and staffing restraints.



Club Sinai offers the following tuition discounts: 

  • Club Sinai Sibling Discount - Your second child enrolled in Club Sinai receives a 5% discount. 

  • Partners of Temple Sinai or children with siblings currently enrolled in Gan Sinai receive a 15% discount (per child).

  • Children who are enrolled in Gan Sinai’s kindergarten class receive a 30% discount (per child). 

  • Club Sinai Employee Discount - Children of Club Sinai staff members receive a 75% discount off of all programs. 


Registered After School students have the opportunity to “drop into Club Sinai” on a day they are not usually scheduled to attend. This is based on availability, which is determined by your Program Director and requires at least 24 hours notice.  Note: Transportation is not always available for drop-in days.  Your account on file will be charged $32/day. If your drop in requires transportation from your child's school, you will be charged an additional $8/day. 



If we pick up your child from their elementary school, it is extremely important that you let the Director know if your child will be absent! Please remember to notify the Director by chat in the Playground app if your child(ren) will be absent from Club Sinai with as much advance notice as possible. In the event that your child does not show up on time, the driver will contact the administration of the school to locate your child and will then notify the Club Sinai Director of your child’s absence. If your child is absent without notification, you will be charged a $50 no-show fee.


You can find copies of your tuition invoices in your Temple Sinai account at Email with questions about your account. 


Club Sinai requires a written 30 day notice for withdrawing your child from the program. Regular monthly charges will apply to families who do not provide the 30 day written notice.



Please message the Club Sinai Director if you would like to add or remove days from your child’s weekly Afterschool schedule. Families who add an Afterschool day to their schedule will be charged $32/day (plus optional $8/day for transportation) for the additional day through the end of the month the change occurred. Following that month, your billing will change to the new monthly rate on the first of the next month. For those families who need to drop days from their schedule, unless we receive written notice the month prior to the change, families will be charged their same monthly rate through the month the change occurs. Following that month, your billing will change to the new monthly rate on the first of the next month. 


Join us for a full day of Jewish-camp-style fun when school is out for an additional fee. Club Sinai runs full day School’s Out Camp days from 9am-5pm on days public schools are closed.  Our energetic teachers pack each day with opportunities for Jewish learning, growth, friendship, and sheer joy. Your child will participate in scavenger hunts, create art projects, practice yoga, learn Hebrew vocabulary, explore the outdoors, do fun science experiments, cook delicious food, and so much more! You can find our School’s Out Camp calendars on our website: Space is limited and registration is required in advance.


Club Sinai ends at 6:00pm Mondays-Thursdays and 5:00pm on Fridays. Beginning at 6:05pm (Monday-Thursday) and 5:05pm (Friday), a late fee of $10 per child will be charged to your account.  Club Sinai charges an additional $5 for every minute thereafter.





Safety is fundamental to creating a learning environment. That's why our beautiful campus is fully gated with a full-time, armed guard on duty. Every car entering campus must be identified with either a carpool pass or a sticker. Please message Rabbi David in the Playground app if you need a new carpool pass.


So that we are ready to face any safety challenge, we practice fire drills monthly and our staff are trained in infant/toddler/child/adult CPR, basic first aid, defibrillator usage, blood borne pathogens, and the Heimlich maneuver.


As you arrive at Club Sinai to pick up your child(ren), depending on the time, a Club Sinai team member may be outside to greet you. If a team member is not already outside, please come up to the door and ring our doorbell. Someone in the office will send your child/ren out to the carpool area. 

Students will be dismissed for pick up only to parents/guardians and contacts listed as guardians in the Playground app. Please make sure your child’s guardians are up to date in the app and that your approved guardians have created their account and downloaded the app.



All Club Sinai staff members are Mandated Reporters. The Program Director or member of the leadership team must report any of the following: 

  • Suspected child abuse 

  • Suspected child neglect 

  • Suspected child deprivation 

In accordance with state law, suspected incidents of child abuse, neglect or deprivation will be reported to the local County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) as soon as possible. 


Club Sinai provides a safe, positive, enriching environment for students. We approach behavior challenges from a positive, supportive place. Club Sinai team members establish age-appropriate limits to help children understand the consequences of their actions. Teachers act as role models and give ample praise for appropriate behavior. Positive techniques including redirection, anticipation and elimination of potential problems, positive reinforcement and encouragement are used. Teachers assist children in resolving conflicts by helping them to identify their feelings and use their words to describe problems and help find alternative solutions. 

We do not tolerate aggressive behavior, inappropriate behavior, and/or threats. If a child’s behavior is determined to be continuously disruptive or dangerous to themselves or others, parents may be called to pick up the child from Club Sinai before the end of the day. If this proves to be an ongoing situation, a meeting with the teachers and director will be set to collaborate on and create a behavioral action plan. 

Depending on the situation, Club Sinai may ask a student to take a break from the program.  The length of the break will be based on the severity of the situation and determined at the discretion of the Club Sinai leadership team. If, following a break, aggressive behavior, inappropriate behavior, and/or threats continue, further action includes, but is not limited to, a longer break from Club Sinai, other interventions, or expulsion from the program. 


Students are expected to enter and exit the van in a timely manner, to wear a seatbelt at all times, to be respectful to the other students and Club Sinai staff member, and follow any instructions given by the Club Sinai staff member. If a student is unable to meet these expectations, we will follow the following warning system: 

  • First: The student will receive a verbal warning from the Club Sinai staff member and parents will be notified. 

  • Second: If the problem continues, parents will be notified by the Afterschool Director. 

  • Third: If the problem persists, students will lose van privileges for the following two Afterschool days. 



Club Sinai is not responsible for items left at Afterschool including books, clothing, projects, etc. Please label your student’s belongings with his/her name and phone number. Lost items are placed in a central location in our office. Please pick up items during Club Sinai Afterschool hours (2:45-6 pm). 



Club Sinai will provide plenty of healthy, Kosher snacks throughout the day to ensure students have the nutrition they need to excel at Club Sinai. Snacks are all ready-to-eat and pre-packaged. Club Sinai locations are all peanut and nut free. Students do not share snacks. 



Please do not send your child to Club Sinai with their cell phone. If a student must have their cell phone with them for safety reasons, we ask that the student keep their phone off or in airplane mode in their backpack at all times. 



Club Sinai may close due to inclement weather. We will inform parents of this as soon as possible through the Playground app. 



State law requires all students to have an updated certificate of immunization on file at Club Sinai.  This certificate provides adherence to the public standard for childhood immunization and decreases the likelihood of spread of viruses.  Please upload your certificate of immunization to the “Paperwork” section of the Playground app. Club Sinai must have this certificate on hand prior to the child’s first day.



The Club Sinai staff respects the confidential information of the children in the program.  All personal records of children and families are kept in confidence unless the parent(s) have provided written permission of disclosure.


Vaccination as a Jewish value 

Each year, the American Academy of Pediatrics publishes a “Recommended Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule.” Practicing pediatricians across North America recognize this schedule as the standard of care regarding childhood & adolescent vaccinations. Concurrently, the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) annually publish vaccine standards for adults. 


Among our most cherished Jewish values is the imperative for preserving life and maintaining health. We embrace this value specifically by taking preventive measures to protect the public health of our synagogue community as a whole. This is why we require all children, staff, and faculty who attend our summer camp, Religious School, Early Childhood Education, and youth programs to adhere to the immunization standards described below. 


Vaccination is a shared responsibility and is our expectation 

Parents send their children to Temple Sinai to enjoy themselves, have positive social interactions, learn from the rich Jewish environment and be safe and healthy. All the fun, friendship building, Jewish identity affirmation, and character development can only happen if we are confident that individual safety and public health remain at the center of every decision made throughout our programs. Reducing the risk of vaccine‐preventable illnesses entering any of our programs is the most effective strategy to protect public health. This goal can be accomplished only through the appropriate vaccination of all participants and staff. 


What we require 

All participants and staff are required to have completed the most current age‐appropriate vaccine schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control. Listed below are the recommendations at the time of adoption of this policy. 


  1. Children below the age of 11 will have completed all of the age-appropriate numbers of doses of each immunization listed below, the specific number of doses depends on the age of the child:

  • DTaP (Diptheria, Tetanus & Pertussis) HiB (Haemophilus Type B) 

  • IPV (Polio) 

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) PCV13 (Pneumococcus) 

  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) 


  1. Children between 11 and 12 years of age will have completed all of their age-appropriate vaccine schedules which specifically contains the doses as noted here: 

  • DTaP/DT/TDaP (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) – 5 doses 

  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) – 2 doses 

  • MMR (Measles‐Mumps‐Rubella) – 2 doses 


  1. For children over age 11 (completion of the above series listed in #2, PLUS): 

  • Meningococcal (Menactra or Menveo) – 1 dose, second booster dose at age 16 

  • TDaP booster (Pertussis, Tetanus) ‐ 1 dose between ages 11–12 (As per above) 


  1. For anyone over age 18 (completion of the above series listed in #3, PLUS): 

  • Pertussis & Tetanus (TDaP) – Booster doses are given every 10 years after the dose given in early adolescence, please ensure you are up to date. 

  • Pneumococcus, Meningococcus, Shingles ‐ Please review your eligibility for these vaccines with your health care provider. 


  1. Highly recommended for everyone:

  • Hepatitis A – 2 doses 

  • Hepatitis B – 3 doses 

  • Influenza – 1 dose (2 if never previously immunized). Influenza remains a serious illness for all age groups. There have been recent seasonal influenza patterns that have extended into the summer. Since we do not yet know the probability this year if influenza will extend into the summer months, we VERY STRONGLY RECOMMEND that participants and staff receive the flu vaccine this year. 


Yes, there are very, very rare exceptions to the Temple Sinai Vaccination Policy 

We recognize that individuals who have had a documented allergy or severe adverse reaction to a particular vaccine may not be able to complete the immunization schedule outlined above. Additionally, individuals with medical conditions such as congenital immunodeficiency or HIV, cancer and who are receiving chemotherapy, transplant patients, and persons receiving immunosuppressive drugs and chronic steroids also may not be able to receive certain vaccines. In these extremely rare circumstances, current documentation from a Physician (MD or DO) describing the reason for exemption from immunization must be furnished to Temple Sinai. We are happy to discuss case by case management of the extremely rare circumstance of medical contraindication to partial or complete vaccination. 


This policy aligns with the “2019 Policy Statement on Vaccine Status of Campers, Staff, Faculty, and their families attending URJ Camps and Israel Programs” and the Central Conference of American Rabbis’ Responsa 5759.10 “Compulsory Immunization.” (Adopted by the Board of Trustees on April 25, 2019.)


On average, children experience eight to ten illnesses a year. We know that managing the demands of work can be challenging when your child is ill. We strive to limit the spread of communicable diseases in our center and are committed to implementing policies that balance and respect the needs of children, families, and staff in these circumstances. 


Our Child Illness Policy is based on the Model Health Care Policies developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 


Exclusion from Club Sinai is sometimes necessary either to reduce the transmission of illness or because Club Sinai is not able to adequately meet the needs of the child. Mild illnesses are common among children, and infections are often spread before the onset of any symptoms. In these cases, we try to keep the children comfortable throughout the day. 


Please keep your child at home if s(he):

  • Has an illness that prevents the child from participating comfortably in program activities, such as going outdoors.  

  • Has an illness that results in a greater need for care than our staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children.  

  • Is ill during the night or has a poor night’s sleep - this may be the first sign of an impending illness

  • Has a fever (100 degrees or above) or has had one during the previous 24 hour period

  • Has a cold that is less than four days old

  • Has a heavy nasal discharge

  • Has a constant cough

  • Has diarrhea or watery stools

  • Has vomited more than 2 times in the previous 24 hours

  • Is fussy, cranky, and generally out of sorts

  • Is just tired - rest at such times may prevent the development of serious illness

  • Has symptoms of a possible communicable disease (rash, hives, bodily discharge, etc.)


Children suffering from a common cold will be assessed on an individual basis. Factors of consideration include the developmental level of your child in congruence with our ability to limit the spread of germs. The younger your child, the more difficult it is to keep the spread of germs down. For example, hand to face contact, mouthing of toys, uncontrolled nasal discharge, uncovered sneezing and coughing, etc.


As our world struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have instituted a set of protocols and procedures for the re-opening of our campus. Please click here to read our “COVID-19” guidelines.


For your child's comfort, and to reduce the risk of contagion, we ask that children who exhibit any of the signs listed above be picked up within .5 hours of notification. Until then, your child will be kept comfortable and will continue to be observed for symptoms. 


Children need to remain home for 24 hours without symptoms before returning to the program unless the center receives a note from the child’s medical provider stating that the child is not contagious and may return to the center. In the case of a (suspected) contagious disease, rash, or continuing symptoms, a note from the child’s medical provider may be required before the child can return. 


The final decision on whether to exclude a child from the program due to illness will be made by the center. 


Please notify us at once if your child has a communicable disease so we are able to inform other parents. We exercise discretion and confidentiality at all times. If your child contracts lice, pinworm, conjunctivitis, strep throat, etc. PLEASE BE SURE TO INFORM US. If your child is found to have nits or lice during our periodic checks (s)he is to be picked up immediately and kept home for a full 24 hours after using a delousing product.


IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE SCHOOL BE MADE AWARE OF ALL HEALTH ISSUES (i.e. seizures, allergies, asthma, tubes in ears, a tendency towards high fever, etc.) We have no way of properly dealing with your children if we don't have adequate information. You can share medical information in the Playground app or directly with your child’s teacher.


Medicine can be dangerous. NEVER send medicine to school with your children. Parents are requested to personally bring medication to the school office in such circumstances. The office and your children's teachers are to be notified if your children are required to have medication administered. A medication form (found in the Playground app) must be filled out by the parent before any medication can be dispensed. Medication must be in the original container from the doctor or pharmacy. The dosage instructions, including the type of medication, must be clearly stated on the medication. We cannot give OTC (over the counter) medication without written instructions by a physician. 


It is imperative that we have the name and telephone number of someone local for us to contact in case you cannot be reached. Please provide the name of several individuals who live or work close enough to pick your children up if you cannot be reached or come to school yourself. This contact information should be entered into your child’s profile in the Playground app. The school reserves the right to take emergency action on behalf of the children if parents cannot be reached, and if a delay would jeopardize the children's health or safety. 


In the event that there is a weather-related emergency such as a hurricane or tornado, the school will make a decision about closing, based on the procedures set out by the Miami Dade County Public School system. Every attempt will be made to contact you as soon as possible to inform you of a weather-related school closure.


Fire drills are held monthly throughout the school year. It is each teacher's responsibility to teach her students the proper procedures for properly evacuating the school in case of an emergency. School lock-downs and evacuations to a nearby location are held regularly throughout the school year.



Lice are commonplace among elementary-aged children. Please notify us if your child has head lice. Students diagnosed with lice may return to Club Sinai the day following head lice treatment. Families are required to bring documentation after completing a lice treatment.  For additional information, please review the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control. 


If your child has allergies, please provide detailed allergy information in your child’s profile in the Playground app. Details required, but are not limited to, severity, treatment, and medication information. If your child requires an EpiPen or other allergy medication in case of an emergency, we ask that you provide the medication to the Director and fill out the Medical Authorization Form (located in the Playground app). 



In case of an injury to a child, Club Sinai will notify the parent or guardian as soon as possible. For minor injuries (little boo-boos), staff will notify parents verbally or in writing by the end of the day.  For major injuries, the Director will call 911 and then notify the parents as soon as possible. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, Club Sinai will notify the child’s emergency contacts. Children will be taken to the nearest hospital for emergency medical care.



School-aged children occasionally have accidents. Once a Club Sinai team member knows an accident has happened, they are prepared to help the child clean up and change clothes using these steps: 

  • Wash hands. 

  • Bring supplies over. Staff will need: clean clothing, wipes, plastic bags, paper liner or paper towels for the child to lay on, wet cloth or paper towel, and disposable gloves. 

  • Follow our disposal of hazardous waste protocol provided to staff. 

Parents may request to see a copy of Club Sinai’s full hazardous materials disposal policy at any time. 




Club Sinai Van Transportation from Select Schools: The Club Sinai van picks up students via their school's carpool line or Afterschool pick-up area (this differs with each school.) We pick up students from one, two, or three schools per day, depending on the day. 

Throughout the ride, our students engage with Hebrew music, a variety of books to read, and fun car games. The van arrives back at Club Sinai by 3:15pm at the latest. We give first priority to full time (five-day a week students), on a first come, first serve basis. Club Sinai vans are driven by Club Sinai Afterschool staff members who are licensed, insured, and have a clean driving record. 

We follow all child safety laws around transporting children. We require any student ages 7 and under to ride in a booster seat. For students 8+, parents indicate to Program Directors whether or not they would like their children to ride in a booster seat. If your child requires a car seat, we ask that parents install it into the Club Sinai van in advance of their first day at Club Sinai. 



Caregivers may drop off students at Club Sinai. Please be sure to communicate with your Program Director about the exact time you plan to drop off your child. 



If you drop off your child outside of the regular drop-off time, please ring the doorbell and one of our staff members will escort your child to the Club. A child may not be dropped off prior to our opening hours due to supervision restraints.

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